Friday, December 1, 2017

How long can you (I) tread water?  got me thinking about the difficulty of maintaining a behavior which is not not natural to this organism, that is staying on a diet that leaves us unsatisfied, for the remainder of our life.

Some of us arrived at this unsatisfied condition in life about when we realized that there was more out there then the life we had been living. Many of us suffer from some chronic pain, physically or mentally, and eating was our method of dealing with the chronic pain... what ever that pain is. Take away the food and we are left with the chronic pain, and no way to deal with it, and likely, we are not even sure what the pain is now, nor the cause of the pain. Yet the pain remains, or the memory of the pain (or the cooping skill) has become epicgenetically etched onto us. Now it is a matter of consciously, for the remainder of our life, struggling against the demon, and those who would push the demon back onto us. For those of us who deal with hunger and/or cravings 24/7, we know the struggle.

The cause is important to remove if we can; that is not always possible, even if we can find the cause. For many of us it is or has become biochemical, we are left to struggle for the remainder of our lives, without any effective medical help, but lots of useless medical bullshit... just eat less than 1800 calories each day and get 1/2 hour of high heart rate exercise each day. At the same time, we may become in chronic physical pain that is made much worse by physical activity. The overeating must end first, then the physical activity can increase.

So how does one resolve chronic mental pain that once caused overeating? Is it still an issue, or are we primarily dealing with the biochemical issues that may have been caused by the original overeating? That is the typical issue, as these can become permanent in as little as four months.

So it comes down to four hormones, ghrenlin, insulin, leptin, adrenaline, and three endorphins, dopamine, serotonin, cortisol... according to some, but the basic problem remains. Hunger and/or cravings out stretch our physical need for energy, so we must learn to live unsatisfied. Try to live unsatisfied 24/7.  I find myself essentially prowling, looking for food, in a time and environment in which food is always available.


Saturday, November 18, 2017

Comments to other blogs.

Why do I comment, they are not posed; therefore likely not read anyway. So I will post them here
Vegetarianism is a no win in northern climates. The land and/or climate is just not suitable for growing many foods, and many cannot be kept for 8 months, until the next food is available. It is just illogical to think that will work, just as illogical as sustained economic growth. Also there all those of us who have become glucose intolerant, and need to limit our glucose intake.

Sustained growth is not practical long term, as the world in now over full, but it was until now. We as a species/population need to make some big changes. Oh well, it is not likely to happen, until it is too late. There will be a mass die off and then the earth can recover.

Nuts, just nuts

With overpopulation, a few lives just do not matter. Gays and abortion are just irrelevant to sustaining reducing populations. No, not irrelevant, necessary or suggested methods of reducing population growth to a negative number.

Promoting atheism, reason, and an ethical, secular state; Atheist Ireland launches a children's book.

Hey, thanks for reading. The Boy Scouts of America prohibit atheists or agnostics from joining their organization. 
Don’t buy your holiday/Xmas/Yule tree from them. Don’t finance hate! 

OK, like an atheist is going to buy a christmas tree. OK.

JW hid child abusers


Yeh OK.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

I am an atheist; now what?

I am an atheist; now what? After we realize there is no god, no afterlife, no eternal soul, and that our morals can come from society, reason, man made laws, what is there?

In religions there is a society, a community of like minded. They are all wrong together, but they are together. Once we become enlightened, what does the atheist society have to offer? Well one can become a firebrand atheist evangelist, carrying the message to the uninformed... or a skeptic that questions everything, and gets lots of things wrong because they have opinions on everything, even that which they know nothing about. They are as full of bullshit as are the religious. There are lots of issues to champion, anything from environment issues, building issues, housing issues, food issues, medicine issues, big Pharma abuses, and the list goes on. But once we know the truth, or as close as we can get to the truth, we make a decision and go forward, there is not a community to go to for support/companionship.

I have not been impressed by any of the skeptics, as they do not do disaggregate analysis, rather like to aggregate everything into big chunks and reject, when in reality most things are partly correct, under some cases.  

There has been many people pushing for a atheist world view, but that is relatively easy to acheive; once we realize there is no evidence of a god, but masses of evidence that others have believed there is/was one. Now we are left without fear to motivate us to be good; we then need to make the choice to be good, and after that need to think through the logic of what is the right choice, not just for us but for all. It is easy to see how easy it would be to make decisions based on money, and among those who are trying to buy influence.

We/I could develop a "philosophy of life" or adopt one, but all the existing are not entirely rational, have limits or exclusions, are so out of date, and or are off putting wrong concepts. The two that come the front runners are Stoicism and Buddhist philosophy. Both have off putting ideas that are just not modern reality concepts or only practical in no communications -almost stagnant societies. Today we are in a overpopulation state, which must play a part in our reasoning. Human life has less value than it did when we were living in a underpopulated world, yet at the same time, we can sustain life longer than we could before, but at what quality of life. Self termination of the elderly must be allowed or even encouraged before suffering. Also abortion should be permitted, as should abortion of any unhealthy fetuses. with no guilt. Termination for murder and the like should be a choice of the convicted, life in solidarity confinement vs self termination or assisted termination.


Monday, October 30, 2017

Just wrong thinking

Have we ever been just stuck in wrong thinking? I know it is wrong, but it is what I though for years, and that view was promoted to me for years by various diet pushers. Eat when you are hungry. it is just wrong. Eat a small bits on schedule is a far better strategy. Hunger is a natural force that must be overcome.

We all have beliefs, and many of them are just wrong for me. I do not care what you believe, as that is your life, but do not try to push your beliefs on me. I am a card carrying atheist. I am also a person who has suffered all my life with a imposed eating disorder, that was trained into me as a small youth/child. It was just wrong. But that is what happened. I never realized that is what had happened until now.

So now it is time for me to change those views.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

The Krill

The Orville is a comedy space series, in which in one spoof, the kirll are a species, equivalent to the Muslims. It is there way or they kill you. Complete obedience or they kill, just like the Muslims, which is obedience by force. If you leave we will kill you. If you question we will kill you. And the government, if Muslim, permit and even carry out the acts of murder.  It is a violent and murders religion, and so are the Krill. It does not seem to have the phobia of pictures of their leaders, well it has a official rendering anyway.

Under penalty of death is hardly a honorable way to force allegiance to a bullshit religion, but that is what is being done. Comply or we will kill you. How peaceful is that? Muslim is a violent religion. It should not be permitted; no religion should be permitted. All religion should be abandoned.

Behavior, thoughts, emotions are the three loci of CBT, but in my mind we have four, the fourth being beliefs. These are the stuff that we learned or adopted from our culture or society, which we do not question. That is bullshit, we need to question them and throw out the rubbish, just like all religion. We have all these beliefs that we have never examined; what is culture if not beliefs that we do not question? It is just not worth saving for the most part. It is just a source of conflict. Just like "archery culture" or "car culture." It is a group of common rules of conduct, some for safety, and some out of some sense of fairness, equality, order. It is something we could base life on, well at least life around that group.

Life does not need to be that complex. We do not need to be all things to all people, we need to serve ourselves first and only. Each of us are responsible for ourselves, unless other arrangements are made. All others must look after themselves. We each are responsible for what we eat, our diet. No one is going to help, and what is driving us to eat does not matter, be it culture, family, temptation, biochemical imbalance, emotions, thoughts, beliefs, or ingrained epigenetic behaviors.    It does not matter in the end, we all just die in the end.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

The "Bit" Science Commission

Intended as "Bit" of humor

Are we in need of a "Science Council" similar to the Star Trek concept of the Vulcan Science Council, who's decreed had the voice of law within the area of science. It could rule that time travel is not possible, which is likely true, given current knowledge. Ultimately it may not be true, but that may depend on the definition of time.

Currently time is defined in terms of the "vibration" of as caesium 133 atom, more or less at 0 K. But gravity effects the "vibration", so currently our definition of time, which is measurable, is warped near heavy space bodies. Now suppose we create a new definition that is orthogonal everywhere, we could have a deviation between measured time and orthogonal time. Now back to the science commission, which can state: "time travel, as currently understood, is not possible."

Now to the Bit part. If  Bitcoin is the "coin of the realm, what is the realm called?  I will call it Bit for now.

So this "Bit" Science Commission can make pronouncements like:

  • God, as currently understood, does not exist as there is no evidence, but if evidence were to be found....
  • Life after death, reincarnation, and similar scheme are just schemes, likely to finance belief in such things.
  • 'Belief' in a god is alive and well but should be discouraged as there is no evidence of a god existing. The belief creates a delusion which can be damaging to young minds, and to some people lifelong. False belief is a drag on society and productivity everywhere.
  • Those who are willing to kill each other over false beliefs should be allowed to do just that, but we need to ship them to isolated areas where they can do this. Syria or Bangladesh is suggested as such areas. 
  • It must be made illegal to infest new minds with false beliefs. Unless it is science, and has been approved by BSC (Bit Science Commission). 
  • Over-stimulation of the mind is a problem and can lead to obesity, mental illness, irrational behavior, dysfunctional behaviors and the like.  We need to stop allowing over-stimulation of our individual minds.
  • Consciences exists in our head only. We are each separate identities, and there is no field or level that connects people. Shared interests are the only connection, communicated through language.
  • Some people are not worth knowing. I may be one of those or not. 
  • Half of the people have below average intelligence. We each will over estimate our own intelligence, and underestimate others.    
The ultimate purpose is to put an end to the ongoing chatter and debate. The Bit Science Council has decreed that there is no god... so what are you on about?
This introduces the concept of damage from over-stimulation of our carbon based mind. Down regulation, it take more for us to notice, is not just a dopamine effect, but a effect of life in general. So with human overpopulation of this world, why should I care about other people? Well other people have value, but only so much.

Why should I care about refugees in Bangladesh? Our our natives. Or my own relatives? They were known for walking away from there sick and infirm. Native live mater to natives. Do white lives mater to natives? Do native lives matter to whites? Do our lives matter to the refugees we have taken in?  


Saturday, October 7, 2017

Stacked Switch Issue

Stacked switches are a series of controls that provide a if/or/not structure to a machine. We have the same problem in philosophy, logic and religions. We are answering different problems.

God does or does not exist. That is a simple switch. If god does not exist, all religion is just mute, redundant, or noise. If god does exist, than religion is whatever it is.

God existing or not is independent of the existence of the belief that god exists, or not. There is no evidence of existence of a god but lots of evidence of a belief that god exists.

Until religion understands this issue it will remain irrelevant going forward.

The believers are just have a wrong concept, just like germ theory was right and revolutionized medicine and life, atheism will revolutionize life in general, morality will be logic based, and there will be only logical control of others concepts. The "control of others behaviors" will need to be formalized in a clear document. That will be quite a job, but oh well.

The earth is over populated if we consider stable Co2 level as an indication.

The only solution available is to keep warring factions apart.