Thursday, October 12, 2017

The "Bit" Science Commission

Intended as "Bit" of humor

Are we in need of a "Science Council" similar to the Star Trek concept of the Vulcan Science Council, who's decreed had the voice of law within the area of science. It could rule that time travel is not possible, which is likely true, given current knowledge. Ultimately it may not be true, but that may depend on the definition of time.

Currently time is defined in terms of the "vibration" of as caesium 133 atom, more or less at 0 K. But gravity effects the "vibration", so currently our definition of time, which is measurable, is warped near heavy space bodies. Now suppose we create a new definition that is orthogonal everywhere, we could have a deviation between measured time and orthogonal time. Now back to the science commission, which can state: "time travel, as currently understood, is not possible."

Now to the Bit part. If  Bitcoin is the "coin of the realm, what is the realm called?  I will call it Bit for now.

So this "Bit" Science Commission can make pronouncements like:

  • God, as currently understood, does not exist as there is no evidence, but if evidence were to be found....
  • Life after death, reincarnation, and similar scheme are just schemes, likely to finance belief in such things.
  • 'Belief' in a god is alive and well but should be discouraged as there is no evidence of a god existing. The belief creates a delusion which can be damaging to young minds, and to some people lifelong. False belief is a drag on society and productivity everywhere.
  • Those who are willing to kill each other over false beliefs should be allowed to do just that, but we need to ship them to isolated areas where they can do this. Syria or Bangladesh is suggested as such areas. 
  • It must be made illegal to infest new minds with false beliefs. Unless it is science, and has been approved by BSC (Bit Science Commission). 
  • Over-stimulation of the mind is a problem and can lead to obesity, mental illness, irrational behavior, dysfunctional behaviors and the like.  We need to stop allowing over-stimulation of our individual minds.
  • Consciences exists in our head only. We are each separate identities, and there is no field or level that connects people. Shared interests are the only connection, communicated through language.
  • Some people are not worth knowing. I may be one of those or not. 
  • Half of the people have below average intelligence. We each will over estimate our own intelligence, and underestimate others.    
The ultimate purpose is to put an end to the ongoing chatter and debate. The Bit Science Council has decreed that there is no god... so what are you on about?
This introduces the concept of damage from over-stimulation of our carbon based mind. Down regulation, it take more for us to notice, is not just a dopamine effect, but a effect of life in general. So with human overpopulation of this world, why should I care about other people? Well other people have value, but only so much.

Why should I care about refugees in Bangladesh? Our our natives. Or my own relatives? They were known for walking away from there sick and infirm. Native live mater to natives. Do white lives mater to natives? Do native lives matter to whites? Do our lives matter to the refugees we have taken in?  


Saturday, October 7, 2017

Stacked Switch Issue

Stacked switches are a series of controls that provide a if/or/not structure to a machine. We have the same problem in philosophy, logic and religions. We are answering different problems.

God does or does not exist. That is a simple switch. If god does not exist, all religion is just mute, redundant, or noise. If god does exist, than religion is whatever it is.

God existing or not is independent of the existence of the belief that god exists, or not. There is no evidence of existence of a god but lots of evidence of a belief that god exists.

Until religion understands this issue it will remain irrelevant going forward.

The believers are just have a wrong concept, just like germ theory was right and revolutionized medicine and life, atheism will revolutionize life in general, morality will be logic based, and there will be only logical control of others concepts. The "control of others behaviors" will need to be formalized in a clear document. That will be quite a job, but oh well.

The earth is over populated if we consider stable Co2 level as an indication.

The only solution available is to keep warring factions apart.       

Serotonin... the required condition

Lustic new book,  Mind Hacking makes clear the three mind 'states' , dopamine, serotonin, cortisol... well those are really the hormones controlling, but all things do not work the same in all states. Free will, and the control of the rational mind are reduced in the dopamine and cortisol rich stages; so we need to be in the serotonin stage to effect appetite control. Duh. What did I just say?

To have appetite control, we need to have our mind bathed in serotonin. This is the contentment, satisfied, stoic joy, endaimonia state of mind. So the trick is to maintain that state of mind under life conditions. I have never lived nor worked in such a state of mind. I would get nothing done. Oh well, I am retired now.  

Monday, October 2, 2017

Pat Robertson is a control freak a-hole

Who does he think he is? He is certainly no authority. He believes fiction, that is nothing to respect. Listen to the ranting of Trump. What is there there to respect?

Government has authority because we allow them to govern, and some of what some of them do is useful. But when they behave badly, we withdraw our authorization to represent them, and they keep on yapping.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Boycott the US

Trump is a danger to world peace. Boycott the US and US products.

Trump is inflaming the North Korean issue. Since NK has stated they will fire on US planes flying into KN air space, that would start the conventional war, and then nuclear would follow. The good side will be dust in the atmosphere, which will kill the climate heating problem, and bring a nuclear winter, possible.

I will not point to any web evidence of the bullshit going on, there is too much and too much is crap. The whole problem is politics has gotten out of the hands of people and into the hands of business, where big money can buy elections through promises of a better life, yet that better life for the people does not come. It cannot, in an overpopulated world, for the unwashed masses just rush in. Conform to our standards or get out, but what about those who do not conform and do not leave? How much force do you use? Starve them out, or use force? We need to serve humanity, or only some of humanity? We need to serve those who have the money to buy services now, and some of those who survive will have money in the future.

No country can be all things to all people, for there ate still those who wish to enslave others, either through religion, money, or legal control...Aka... government, for government decides what is legal and what is not... what it will spend money to prosecute and what it will not bother with.  

Friday, August 11, 2017


What upsets people is not things themselves but their judgments about the things.” --- one of those old dead Greeks or Romans..

So is the solution to simply quit thinking about what is right and true. Is it to allow others to live in their delusions? Reality is simple. Why do other chose to live in non-reality?

So it is not my problem. What I eat is my problem. What I do is my problem.

So what we eat controls our hormones, and our hormones control whether food is stored or available for energy, therefore we have quzi-control over how long before we get hungry, or do we. Some people suggest we do, but it is sloppy control.

It is no fun going through life hungry. So what is the solution?