Monday, August 1, 2016

Human Nature - collection of research, thoughts

A work in progress...possible.

Wikipedia:  Human nature refers to the distinguishing characteristics—including ways of thinking, feeling, and acting—which humans tend to have naturally, independently of the influence of culture.

Ya sure. No...

I am interested in relationship between people at this stage. Well, it must includes the culture in which people are trained into for it is the total person as they present to the public. It does not matter whether it is born in or trained in, but the negatives can be sometimes trained out. Frequency of occurrence of each characteristic, and severity of characteristics also vary. Whether each is aware of the characteristics is not in considered. When we are trying to change our behavior or thinking, we must become aware of it before we can change it. Much of our nature needs to be trained down to be social.
  • Selfish - Self centered, we need to take care of what we can... nobody else will. Our need before others wants. This is the foundation characteristic at the gene level. Without it, we would not survive. But this needs to be trained down.
  • Attachment and sense of self / to life, self, our thoughts, people, things, places. Foundation for tribal behavior, foundation of mine, but also requires selfish characteristic. But this needs to be trained down.
  • Opportunistic, Desire for easy life, Watching for opportunities and eager want or desire to fulfill those chances.   
  • Aggressive, protective of what we have, sense of ownership. But this needs to be trained down.
  • Communications / social conventions. A desire/utility in adherence to social conventions, and to social groups (better survival rates) But this needs to be trained up or trained in.
  • Sociopathic behavior, not taking responsibility for our own actions, not caring much about others, even less if they are outside of our family/clan/tribe/community/nation/language/ group/race/history.
  • Ignorant - in need of education, learning, understanding - minus wrong learning, what we learned was wrong (religious learning has many wrongs within it, separation of story explanations from facts, logic, reason, science.). Some have a desire to know, and to sort truth from story.
  • Philosophy. Some things are under our control (opinions, ascent, delusion, beliefs, values, virtues, motive) most is not. We try to behave, to act, but sometimes it does not happen)
  • Desire for life, food, sex, shelter/warmth, protection, fame, fortune, power, control of others, our own way, But this needs to be trained down.
  • Attention span/fixation/ repetition/ interests/memory/sound identity/ smell identity/ sight identity/ physical feeling/ mental feeling/intuition/ expectation/ delusions/ illusions. ( Learned or natural)
  • six things we all do; skills, knowledge, group behavior rules, communications, feeding, sex
Oh, the training we need, in the social skill. Oh, the things we shall see, and the place we will go.

There is a multitude of disinformation on this subject. some have nice diagrams, but do not match with my reality.  and thus are not useful. Some are clinical as.


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