Monday, September 25, 2017

Boycott the US

Trump is a danger to world peace. Boycott the US and US products.

Trump is inflaming the North Korean issue. Since NK has stated they will fire on US planes flying into KN air space, that would start the conventional war, and then nuclear would follow. The good side will be dust in the atmosphere, which will kill the climate heating problem, and bring a nuclear winter, possible.

I will not point to any web evidence of the bullshit going on, there is too much and too much is crap. The whole problem is politics has gotten out of the hands of people and into the hands of business, where big money can buy elections through promises of a better life, yet that better life for the people does not come. It cannot, in an overpopulated world, for the unwashed masses just rush in. Conform to our standards or get out, but what about those who do not conform and do not leave? How much force do you use? Starve them out, or use force? We need to serve humanity, or only some of humanity? We need to serve those who have the money to buy services now, and some of those who survive will have money in the future.

No country can be all things to all people, for there ate still those who wish to enslave others, either through religion, money, or legal control...Aka... government, for government decides what is legal and what is not... what it will spend money to prosecute and what it will not bother with.  

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