Saturday, March 24, 2018

The 31 Questions

Just so you can find these 31 questions for atheists, here is a link.

It is much important to know what we believe than what we do not believe. Many atheist get stuck at this point. They stop believing what were traditional beliefs, and get hung up there. That is not part of the 31, but is necessary. So here is some additional questions, supplemental (s).

s1. What do I/You believe? Well that has been changing, ratcheting better, or at least changing, cleaning out stuff that is not right. More work is required.

s2. Where do beliefs come from? Traditionally from the previous generation, who often clam divine source, or mystics;  that but the only logical place is reason, derived from what society is or should be. But beware of the 20% or so psychopaths and 20% or so extreme altruistic, both of which will take everything from you. So healthy society is not much of a majority, if it even is a majority when we consider the recluses and similar... so we are left with our own reasoning, and/or our assent to others reasoning. More work is required.

s3. So what do I/You believe now? Within the circle of what might be lies a small circle of that which is. That is necessary and sufficient for life. It must be true, and there must be evidence for and no evidence against. The evidence must be admissible in court, that is physical, first person witness, science opinion, or the lowest form, expert witness. Hearsay, and old books are not admissible. More work is required.

s4. So what metaphysical do I/You believe? Well if it is a physical object, it is real. Consciousness, that skill or ability to understand, to reason, to assent or reject concepts is real, but has no physical existence, hence cannot survive end of life. Consciousness is dependent on life, as is reasoning. Life is therefore the prime value, and those things that support life follow closely as the good, those things that oppose are bad. That is the foundation for morality, along with the concept of equality. Neither be nor make a slave of anyone. More work is required.

s5. So what is your/our epistemology? I think therefore I am. Identity, consciousness, logic/reason, Identification, existence. We have complete control over the power to assent to a concept. Little else. Nothing else, do we have complete control over. Our conscious can generate concepts, or fails to generate, our memory can recall them, or perhaps not, but we have the complete power to assent or reject. More work is required.

s6. So what are your/our ethical foundation? Neither be nor make a slave of anyone, on a foundation of truth, prudence, knowledge, wisdom, production, justice, a virtue based ethics, based on political equality. More work is required.

s7. So what does your/our value hierarchy look like? Well my life is the number one, and it goes on from there. More work is required.

s8. So what do I/You call this belief system?  The working name is realism, but whatever will work.


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