Thursday, May 24, 2018

Niggers and Crackers

So the UDHR needs an update.

Article 1.2  All humans should be entitled to the truth, facts, evidence, knowledge, which over time and examination becomes wisdom.

Expressing just an article without the implication being expressed is sort of lost on the public. The above item is in conflict with Article 2 and 26.3. Article 2 protects religion, which does not allow truth to prevail. Religion survival is dependent on keeping the youth in the dark, which condemns your children to everlasting ignorance. Article 26.3 allows the parents to teach whatever and to withhold truth from the young. We all know how difficult to unlearn wrong information from the mind. If there is any doubt, consider the difficulty of change of life style actions.

Truth is the essential of human rights. Without truth all else is not as useful. Equality infers that we must allow others to respect their opinions, but what about those opinions which are not founded on truth. Does it come down to the loudest voice, or the truth. Truth requires evidence for, no evidence against, and a strong probability of truth. Evidence must be admissible in court, so the religious books are out.

Any statement can be true, false, somewhere in between, or just irrelevant... a concept with no real meaning. We can also assent, reject, or hold in abeyance any proposition or concept. In the process of developing documents such as UDHR, it is common to just leave out any contentious issues, and be happy with what we can get agreement on. I say it is time to include truth, facts, evidence, knowledge into to the UDHR.  

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