Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Hormone Driven

Hormone  Driven, sexually dangerous, young males

What does sexually drive have to do with morally correct behavior? The young single male has three choice, maybe more. Resist, self, or do. With so many of the females setting their sights on the rich, good looking, or on career, and the excess of males, what is one to do?

Once we become directed at a attractive career, or those who have the gift of gab, we a are off to better things, and the call of women may be reduced, or we became the incels. Oh well, we get older, and perhaps we find a mate, but could anyone satisfy her? She is a body of want, want money, want time, want property, and there is only so much money available, and soon she will be gone to what she sees as greener pastures, unless she has the nesting urge, and then...

We humans have always had difficulties, even when the female was trained to be subservient, and to nest. Now, with what they call freedom, more are questioning what their role should be,
and society is going to change, and change, and change until... happens.

We humans are likely coming up to an atmosphere driven partial extinction event, or a population reduction event, or a time of extreme human suffering event. Oh well, in the end we all just die anyway.

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