Thursday, March 7, 2013

On No Control

The highest evolved part of humans is our ability to reason; all else just supports the organism that has this ability. That is human nature. The animal nature is emotional, violent, angry, resentful, etc.  It is reason that we should be trying to develop. The path to happiness is by letting go of desires beyond our control, and we control only our will and some of the time, a few volitions. We do not have direct control of passion and reason. We can implant new beliefs and values.  Aka "wheat is not human food, but pig food. It is only suitable for human food if adequately processed ... through a pig and converted to bacon."

"It is not the event that upsets us but the way we think about them" allows our thinking to change to eliminate whole issues. That realization ties the 12 step, stoicism, buddhism, and the like together, in one aim. The underling concept is that passion and reason are both controlled by beliefs and values. By changing our beliefs and values, we can control our passion and reason. Cravings, aka desire is an expression of appetites and volition's, are driven by passion and reason.

To rerun that, control our beliefs and values (within our control), passion and reason is controlled. Control passion and reason, our desires and cravings are controlled, aka recovery.

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