Thursday, February 28, 2013


Is there a need for an AOA, BOA, COA programs? That would be Atheist, Buddhist, Christian OA programs. As an essential atheist, dabbling in stoicism and buddhism, having been raised in a christian do as I say family, all this god stuff is a bit trying at times. It would be much easier to support a group that recognised that god is a concept, and as such, sort of exists, at least in the mind of the believers, yet has no corporeal existence. Existence may not be the proper word for this property, but it is the only one I have.

Consider time, it exist only in the present. The past and future do not exist, they did exist and likely will exist, but what word is there for future existence, or past existence, for a concept? On even to understand that existence is only in the Now?

As the objective of Christianity, Buddhism, and Stoicism as well as OA are to all foster personality change through changes in our beliefs and values, as is psychology. Philosophy, on the other had, actually looks at those individual beliefs, and allow us to shine the light on the belief, and pick what is more right for our needs. We then can adopt that which we think is best for us, at this time, and place.

The personality is malleable. Well, who would have though that? Logic and reason provide the basis of change. What we change into is the question. Living according to Nature is a nice statement, but not helpful, as nature either allows or permits anything we can do. Each religion provides a set of rules to believe in, but how is one to choose? It come do to "I think therefore I am." But what do I know?            

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