Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Desire vs. habit

There are two separate parts to recovery, one is overcoming the desire to eat, and secondly, overcoming the habits of eating. At any one time, we have both, but in different strengths.
These are beyond hunger, insulin induced hunger, and beyond clear of all those addictions where hyperpalatable or food chemicals induce us to eat. (sugar, grains, acellular carbohydrates, omega 6 oils, dairy). Grabbing a piece of fruit on the way from the table after a meal is habit, as is portion size, more feelings, and the like.

Living only on natural foods reduces the desires. But then there is bloody habits to overcome. And environment. And food pushers. Is it any wounder that so many through up their hands and return to pre-contemplation stage. Epictetus says there are two vices blacker than the rest, lack of persistence, and lack of self control, and he goes on to talk about developing self-control though assents, desires, and impulses. Lose all desires, expectations, delusions and stick to what is up to us.   Enough.

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