Thursday, April 24, 2014

Spirtual (Philosophical) Life

The spiritual (philosophical) life is no theory, you still must live it. (or something like that, Bill Wilson.)

Well how different is that? I was planning to live anyway, eat three meals a day, work a bit, holiday a bit. etc.

BB pg 68, two center paragraphs, Bill tells us how to live, which demonstrates his philosophy of life. Yah sure, if you swallow god. Something else perhaps, if you are not christian. Or if you take refuge in Buddha thoughts, and seek refuge with Vimalasara with Eight Step Recovery, or with the stoics; Rufus, Epictetus, Marcus and Seneca. Odd thing is when we study and live some things are up to us and some things are not, all the shit falls away, and we are left with logic. Rational Recovery, SMART, Peele, Horvath, and the like all help, but it is I that must live my life.

Other around me do not make this easy, they make it blood difficult. Well perhaps it is time to become agreeable and do nothing others want me to do beyond my duty.  Screw it, nobody cares anyway.

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