Monday, May 12, 2014

HAES, No thanks

It appears that some of  HAES do not look at realty as it is, but see their version of reality, through pink glasses.

My belief system does not require that you believe as I do. You can believe any crap you want. The reality is that humans cannot be obese and remain healthy to old age. If you choose to not look at reality, it is totally up to you. Society recognizes that obesity is not healthy but, it knows little or nothing about the causes of overeating, which is the ultimate cause of obesity, using the causal chain.

Much of society is obesogenic, foodies ... drug pushing bunch of evil bastards. Much of the public refuses to accept food addiction - sugar, chemicals, hormones, agricultural methods - have created food unsuitable of humans in the short term. We are the guinea pig generation. Some of us will survive and carry on, knowing the evil nature of big food, big industry. Others have and will expire not knowing.

The world cannot sustain the current population level and current lifestyle. Obesity is an early death sentence, and a low reproduction cause. This will correct the population, reducing the percent of obese sensitive people. Oh well. Not looking at reality may make you feel better, but will not help the problem in your generation.

There are many foods that are not fit for Fred foods. Some of it is hog food, some makes good concrete retarder, wood finishing oils, wonderful tasting poisons, industrial products sold as food, to the untrained wild humans. I can live here, among the wild humans, but not part of the "no food knowledge group", and avoid obesity, but be in the overweight group due to doing physical work. Most wild humans life in a blissful state of precontemplation (Stages of Change, C.C. Diclemente) oblivious to the real obesity problem.

Some of us have looked at the problem, figured out some of the causes of overeating, and are in some form of partial recovery. It is yet not clear what a modern human should look like and do; the range of choice is too wide, creating too much disparity. This will lead to more unrest.

But what do I know?


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