Tuesday, May 13, 2014


What is overeating anyway; eating more than we burn / use / need ...

So what causes the body to do this? Is it a natural desire for more? a moral greed? not likely. Many of us would rather not have the craving, a physical need to consume, it is not a desire induced by food pushers, it is much stronger, and unrelenting. It does not seem, in my case to be induced by emotions, life around me, what I am doing... well, I never get the strong urge in some situations, but then exhaustion sets in, and the urges arise. 

Ok, so some cravings are chemical, taste driven, hyper-palatable food, but what about for cranberries - frozen - raw, not hyper-palatable, some people could not, would not eat them, well maybe one, to taste. How about frozen smokyes? (just for grammarians, that is the way the package spelled it. Some of my mistakes are intentional). Or how about raw-to pan fried potatoes in bacon/coconut/ or canola oil? Or butter, but it is a banned substance from this house. Or dried cranberries, (the wife's evening munching irritation). Those are not hyper-palatable, some would say not even palatable.

Portion size is not the issue, it is those damn cravings. It is like a natural urge that other people do not have. Is it a natural urge? What would be the properties that would separate a physical desire from a mental induce desire?  A quick search suggests hormones are the deciding factor, but which one and how does that help?

The only paper that offers a solution is all about dissociation of mind and body.

"And so we came forth and once again beheld the stars."    - Dante , but he's the "I think therefore I am" guy.

enough. I think I will go shoot a few

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