Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Narrative Overlays

Narrative Overlays

We are born into our culture a blank slate. We learn and are taught a country, culture, religion, time, narrative. We are trained for some career(s) and continue in that narrative. We may change country's, by choice or chance, or by family decision. Again, none of this is inherently right or wrong, rather it is all narrative or story. Now we can evaluate all that narrative and through out that which does not fit, currently, culturally, personality, likes, dislikes. It does not matter, it is all meaningless, and without purpose beyond producing a next generation, and hopefully leaving the world in a better place, but we need only replacement population, not growth.

This growth in thinking is virtue, and the rules of society. The Government of Canada, in their infinite wisdom has made a decree that we shall not be raciest, misogynistic, homophobic, etc, etc. Bullshit, they cannot control what I think, only make it illegal to express my feelings. It is permitted to dislike individuals but not groups... Ya sure... We need a word to describe this... Govorrment decree. ( Ukrainian pronunciation)

The fist thing we must recognize is that there is a force in the world that is not visible, but drives us forward, causes life to grow, to reproduce, causes desire, drives us to eat, to act, to think. If there is a god of any kind it is that force, but since we can feel it we could name it the god force, or growth force. Growth force suggest that we have started to identify it's effects, but not understand it, or at least its source. We can describe it in a number of ways, but calling it god makes a god of the unknowns. Not a useful thing. God, the original cause, is also not realistic, as most of creation is physics, chemistry, biology, real material.

We have a three way split, material, forces, and possible a thought realm. 

So where is this going?

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