Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Redirection of our Narrative

Timothy D Wilson and his book Redirect is an interesting read, but changing our narrative only goes so far. We are not in life by ourselves, we are not a island. We have dependents, or are dependents with ongoing finical and family obligations. Now what happens to redirection, we can change our thinking and our outlook, but we live in a real situation, and that can turn nasty quickly. The ease way may be to continue without much change outwardly, yet the real problem may be external.  The problems also have a order that must be dealt with.

 I would bet that anyone more than 100 pounds overweight is dealing with food addiction, and further it is likely sugar and wheat based carbohydrates, or other processed carbohydrates. As the range of overweight reduces, addiction is less common, based on my observations. Maladaptive behaviors where eating is the maladaptations would be next. This includes stress, anxiety, indecision, frustration, no logical choice, trapped in abusive situations, living under a control freak, etc. We may not know how to deal with the causes of stress, anxiety, or whatever. Eating may be the best solution, keep you head down until you can escape the oppressor. Overeating is a relaxant, and that may be the only way through the dilemma we face. These can be difficult to deal with, and may occur together with addiction. Food knowledge, habit, physical drives to eat, environmental issues may also need to be dealt with also.

Knowing that our story, and that which we grew up in is all just narrative is a useful tool for self management, but we still need to live by our virtues and within the reality that we are in. We can not pull a Greese and decide to not pay our debts or impound money on deposit, and then wonder why foreign investment just dried up. We do need to take a look at our cultural narrative and adjust that going forward.

a picture for those who need to think cool thoughts
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