Saturday, October 31, 2015

Back to near normal

As a slum landlord, (not by intent, but by time, the houses got old.) I have deal with two long term renters moving out, and leaving twenty years of damage on two houses. That has involved me taking a bit of time to do renovations on those rentals. That has taken me away from contemplation of my issues.

It is apparent to me that I have some unknown force driving me to overeat. Something is causing a desire to eat. It is mental issue, but I cannot define it better. When I was young and single, I had a desire for sex, and it is that kind of desire, that hardly goes away. After a meal the desire is back shortly. It is sightly different than actual hunger, and hunger is less of a driving force. It this a eating disorder, a mental defect or something similar?

As I look at 12 step process assumption that overeating is a moral/social issue, I call bullshit. It is a physical/psychological/genetic problem. There is no god, just nature. No purpose, beyond the natural imperative of flourishing, unless we paint one on. We humans have near reached the maximum population of this world, local overpopulation is common occurrences. We have not had a mass die off for some time. A few wars, 1919 flu, 1850 Irish potato famine, and the like do not even show on the world population curve.

Evolution continues. It just remains to be seen which portion of the population, which traits nature selects after the next mass die off.

I guess what I am thinking is " is overeating, diabetes, metabolic syndrome and the like going to be the next plague." 

Here is a video worth watching

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