Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Where does the desire to overeat come from?

Where does the desire to overeat come from? My desire I refer to that uncontrollable force, irrational force that drives us overeaters to eat. Craving does not describe the force I speak of adequately. It is stronger and more persistence than for sex, than work, than anything else. It cannot be a common drive, for many do not experience it, else wise they would eat. It is not universal force, and those who do not desire may not ever experience that force. Many deny the existence of such a force. If they have never felt it, I can see it would be logical to deny the existence, as some deny the existence of god, or likewise believe in a god. It is that simple.

Does the desire arise from a physical deficiency, malabsorption, or other physical issue that causes a drive at the primary brain - reptile brain level, as the desire for self preservation or sex or food in a starved and baited condition?  Does our body thinking it is in starvation mode?

We need to eat enough to feel satisfaction else wise we are just torturing ourselves. Is our delayed satisfaction due to to high expectations or are we just living an unpleasant existence? What is a reasonable level of expectations? That we be able to eat a small meal and be satisfied, or is that too much?

Some say it is lack of self control. Bool, my new word of the day. Bunk likely. Of the obese people I know, you will not find a more will-powered group.

When I googled this topic it returned a bunch of articles that talk about it like the answer is simple just do not eat/or eat as required. like
  Useless advise... that displays a lack of understanding of the problem.... to be successful, we (I) need to  understand the force, to eliminate the force, and not go there.

But then, what do I know?

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