Thursday, January 7, 2016

God Trichotomy

Searching for truth and finding "truth" gives satisfaction to life. With satisfaction comes positive emotions, meaning, engagement, and starts that positive psychology cycle. Increasing our understanding of ourselves and the world around us can drive us to understand more. Understanding other people though, is a entirely different skill set, one that I am sadly lacking in.

Understanding is a purpose, nothing more is required for a purpose for life. A lifetime of learning, and truth seeking can result.

The god question has three possible outcomes:
  1. God is real and exists.... and I believe or I would like to believe, that is I believe in believing. 
  2. God is just a concept, belief in the concepts provides the same benefits and disadvantages as true belief, with the exception of knowing that god is just a concept, not a real object.
  3. God does not exist.
So I need to pick one. I cannot believe in a real god, and a concept is just fine but that is just fooling oneself, a delusion. No thanks. The final choice is there is no god.

Regardless of this, religions are just man made, and as such should be treated as voluntary person control systems. If they are not reasonable, as in treat others as you would like to be treated, they should be abandoned.

There is no evidence suitable for engineering a society that demonstrates the existence of a god; there is much that suggests a god does not exist. A god of the prime cause (what ever that may be) is hardly useful to human development. The moral codes of religions are low compared to the engineering conduct guidelines. As I no longer pay fees to rent the name "P.Eng." I was an engineer, hence religion moral code is redundant.

So what benefit could I find in religion?

But then what do I know?

I suppose that I can find more purpose in educating other to these concepts.

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