Saturday, January 16, 2016

In contemplation

Urgency of diet is one of the driving factors in the action of not eating. The devil may sit on our shoulder and say eat it and then begin your diet after you have enjoyed the food; but after never comes, for food is everywhere. By diet, I mean weight reduction plan, aka not eating. By devil I mean food pushers babble, our mental thoughts, food marketing advertising, our mental thoughts of it is only small, it would taste good, etc, while in truth we know it to be dose dependent poison.

Once we recognize this mental black devil, or daimon or daemon, in Socrates terms, that part of mind that is driven by our past practice, or of habit, or of a negative part of our brain, we need to put that part down, and pick up contemplation or true knowledge, and live the virtues way, by not just not scumming to his evil ways, but to learn to flourish without those desires.

Oh well, what am I saying? Contemplation of truth must be part of the good life, and that must be based on the higher goods, virtues, joy, noble thoughts, and sound moral values. Self change should be self improvement, and some of the time, what we are improving is in question.

Many of us suffer from a defect of character that we are to easy to influence from outside inputs that cause us to change our tender psychologies. Harding of the attitudes toward some of the garbage inputs we are exposed to may benefit some of us. Turn off TV and radio, become selective of our reading, do lots of contemplation, meditation, and the like. Stick to what works.

But then what do I know?  Your comments are invited.

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