Thursday, February 18, 2016

Ontology of Intangable Objects.

Existence is not a property of intangible objects. By definition, they are intangible, have no physical existence, so the question of the existence or non-existence of things like gods is somewhat a questionable question. Concepts exit only in the mind of those who hold the concept. It does not matter it we call those mental representations, abstract objects, precipitation objects, mental objects, mental methods, or some other handle. I prefer to refer to this whole class as mental objects, without consideration if they are noun or predicate, or compound or simple. These a intangables.

We need to consider these similar to rainbows, as these are perception objects, what our mind sees is not real but a projection of the refracted light by our mind to make sense of the light entering the eye. It is just like floaters and blank spots, what we see is our mind making send out of the light.

So what does all this have to do with reality? The I of my mind does not in fact exist, but is just a constructed intangible object to make sense out self awareness, which in itself is either a cultural religion illusion/delusion or an evolutionary accident of increased intelligence. An unintended consequence, no wait, we are all unintended consequence of evolution. Evolution has no intention, only survival of the genes that occur. It is just consciousness trying to make sense out of data, within a cultural and religious environment.

These massive cultural and religious delusion need to be dropped in a big way. It is not only the god concept that needs to be abandoned but all beliefs not based on science or evolutionary advantage. God concepts may have provided a group survival advantage to the believers, but I suspect that those beliefs are now holding us back. In this information age and culture, those who are unwilling or unable to learn bullshit separation methods may be at a disadvantage. Gods do not make it through the bullshit separator, along with a bunch of cultural and religious detritus.

But then what do I know?       

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