Thursday, February 25, 2016

What does exist without a doubt

I am responsible for my beliefs, even thought as a child I was told what to believe, which it turns out was completely wrong. I have been wrong all my life. I know this now. Sacred is spelled wrong, it should be scared, just a dyslexic error, that is all. The void of space exists but not really, it is a void. The earth exists, and we exist. To the skeptics I say, if we do not, all this does not matter anyway.

The great void exists. About one billion light years wide. Was a big bang at the center, and everything flew outward from there? There is noting but matter and energy, in all it's forms. It all obeys the natural laws, and that which can exist does exist. There are also unstable and intermediate molecules. And there is the great void, and the even bigger void, within which this bit of matter exists in. Does that make us feel small or what?

Part of the matter since the big bang may be traveling through the void at greater than the speed of light away from us, relatively speaking, for we may be traveling, relative the void at something over half the speed of light, and the other half is moving away at a similar rate, so we may only be able to see half of the matter that there is. This number, half is just a guess, for the matter must be spreading radially, more of less so without the physics who knows. I do not know, but I do believe in the void that all exists in for that is the definition of nothing and the void, not to be confused with the smaller great void. If you do not understand this, it does not matter.

So what does this have to do with with overeating recovery? Well the truth shall set us free. We can believe in  the void, the biggest space there is, and is defined by not existing. So we are just opportunistic organic matter living on a rock that sucks air to it's self, and whirls about a hydrogen nuclear reactor that provides us with radiation energy. This is where we evolved, but we could have been seeded or developed here. Either way, it does not matter. So then there is no purpose but to reproduce, eat, grow and die. So we might as well just sit back and party, but if we do that we will die off for who will produce food. So then it is up to us to live the best we can, as equals, spread the resources out so that none/few starve, but those who work the hardest can get ahead. But now it is the inequality, the cornered markets, and the uneven distribution of wealth that make such a difference.   

Now when I start from this reality, the world takes on a different view, light or whatever. Life is not a sacred as it was. The who concept of scared sounds phony phony to me. There is no doubt that we all want to live, but with the overpopulation problem we have, there is no reason not to trim lives at both ends. At the tail end, it should be voluntary, and at the front end up to 80% of viable, 16 weeks or the like, if the parents like.  Many of the cultures exposed there old and unwanted young, which is just inhumane. We would not do that to a domestic animal now, but the religion forces us into that situation now. Oh well, that is religion, the group delusion of our ancestors.  All we really need to do is to educate women and men to the reality, and those who are honorable, society minded will limit reproduction. If that is not enough, we may need to take action against those who just want to reproduce. 

Those who are not rational, or think there is a god should have no say in the matter, they suffer from a group delusion. There is much that we do not know, but lets not promote ignorance. We do not have all the answers yet, but group delusions are not the way to understand the world. All we need to do is figure out how to live together in joyful peace and harmony. If you are not willing to do that, then what are we to do? Kill you? And eat you, as in Fiji or Easter Islanders did as a survival method for the last 200 years of their existence?

We are headed toward interesting times for sure. Wateves. Oh well, what do I know?


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