Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Which Virtues?

Almost every religion calls for virtuous life, and that is necessary and sufficient for a contented life. The issue arises when question which virtues are highest in prority. Here is my list of the top four virtues for a few religions, as the literature indicates.

Christianity - the religion aka faith, humility, surrender, acceptance
Islam - the religion aka faith, surrender, obedience, following
Buddhism - truth, peace, compassion/loving kindness, Reason
Jaine - Non-violence aka peace, truth, knowledge, belief
Confucianism - Respect (shown and demonstrated both ways), relationships, obedience, loyalty
Stoicism - Reason, wisdom, self-control aka moderation, persistence, courage, justice

What verity. Note the big difference that Christianity and Islam put the religion ahead of the individual. This just seems wrong, for it is we individuals who must be provide for, even Buddha puts self first, help yourself and then help others. Be happy and make others happy. That we place ourselves first is natural and reasonable, regardless of what others say.

Those that say we should serve others and thereby receive are missing the real point, that unless we enjoy what we are doing, we will be miserable. Altruism is a fine concept but it does not match with human reason. It is like photo radar for safety, not money grab. Poppy-cock. 

It is currently my thinking that respect, truth, non-violence, self-control ( mental portion only*) should be the top four. This will be difficult in the present environment.

* this eating disorder has physical and chemical components to it, that is to say it is not a mind function that we have complete control over. For many of us it is a over driven biological urge, and we may not be able to resist consistently, as much as we or others would like or think we should be able to. We may need to do things to modify the urges, that others do not need to do. It can be and is difficult. I know some who the control of food is a life controlling obsession. It is not there fault; they have survived this long. In previous generation we damaged people we just allowed to die off.

Respect, truth, peace, and moderation I hope. But what do I know?

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