Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Stoic Cosmos

Stoic cosmos concept, the idea of community, seems to be breaking down. The sense community, as a whole is difficult to maintain in urban populations, where so much of the time is spent around people we do not know and are likely to not recognize again. I do not say not see, for we may see them, just not recognize then as each encounter is brief, impersonal, and we take little notice of many people. We frequently use them, not hardly notice them, in dense populated urban settings.

That is not to say we are not in communities of sorts. We may belong technical associations, where we know some of our competitors and cohorts. We may belong a community of employees at some company. We may belong to a community of some sport, or a church until we become free thinking. Than that community goes. We maybe part of a close family, and that helps form community. Most of the urban population is too transient to really form a location based community, as was normal before cheap independent transportation.

With overpopulation, community is further put under stress, as economics forced migration/relocation are common. Many areas are losing community through government programs like "strange danger" concepts. Children raised with a fear of other people is not good. Some of us were harassed as different/overweight/race/strange/ghetto children, and are more comfortable alone than in community, and aided by the internet, do not require much community. We may have overcome by adaption, but can we maintain that persona we adopted. All these factors and more have reduced community to a concept, not a existing phenomena of much strength.

Most of us do not know our neighbors well. Some of us do not know ourselves well. We spend so much time away working, and when we retire, our neighbors are away working. There is not the opportunity for community, unless we look for it, and make considerable effort to establish and maintain friendships. In rural areas and in old times, encounters happened, they did not need to be forced into existence.

My thesis here is the sense of community has become strained, and will likely continue to be such, where it even exists. When it becomes strained, many will not make the effort, as we have other methods of entertainment. The sense of Stoic cosmos, we humans are one, will also become strained, is now strained. We compete for scarce resources, for jobs, for money, for parking spaces, for housing in some areas. I do not see as much community as before. The Stoic refrain, we are all one, related through humanity, is also strained where it even exists.

As the atheist truth is recognized churches, on of the old community insensitive, will decline, and could be replaced with something like community meeting halls. So far, these have not developed much other than as retirement organization, but fail to attract much support due in part to the personalities and beliefs of there core members, and there elitist attitudes. This is my opinion of the three groups that I checked out.

As I become older and background noise interferes hearing and sound sorting, places with noisy backgrounds are less attractive. I am but one that such environment discourage. How many others are there like me out there? Overpopulation is the basic problem that lies at the root of the issue. As population grows there is always a growing group of misfits that must be supported. What can I say, now I am part of those misfits.

Rigorous honesty, truth as I know it, and what do I know?  


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