Monday, April 18, 2016

Food Cravings

Food Cravings... do they exist... are they a thing? Some individuals think they do not exist.

Well those of us who suffer from them know that they are real and very strong. Other, who never experience them, do not accept that they are real. Oh well.

We see the same thing in religion, those that feel the "presence of god" and those of us who do not and even know that there is no god; yet I can accept that they may feel that, even if there is no god. The feeling drives them, regardless of the existence. Those of us who live godfree know otherwise. (contribute that word to Andrew Sneddon, A to Z)

That is different from the food craving, eating craving, in that food is frequently available, and it is easy to overeat. Resisting the urge, recovery, for this I am responsible. Are these cravings any different that other OCD behaviors? Hording, collecting, self harming, or other compulsive - obsessive behaviors? Is it just one more behavior of a specific subset of compulsive-obsessive behaviors. We see many of the "recovered" (weight stable at the low end) still obsessing about there food. The obsession has changed to weighing and measuring there food, and it is still the obsession driving them. 

Obsessing about beating this obsession may be the only way to beat this problem.

But what do I know?

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