Thursday, April 28, 2016

Why Is it Right to Hate All Religion?

Is it right to hate all religion? Hate may be a too strong word, dislike... disrespect... not consider as important... fear... consider the followers as idiots in need of education, particularly scientific education...  and try to hi-jack there social and community building features.

Considering the rules of evidence for science and law and the seven or nine point truth scale, what is right about religions?

These are belief systems, not based on evidence or science, but based on tradition. Is that something to respect, believe, and not question? Written books are not evidence in the legal system unless the author is available as expert witness, nor are they in science unless sufficient detail are provided that what is said is possible to confirm by examination and testing. Religions are just not able to support the claims to scientific standards.

Based on scientific standards it can be said then that god does not exist. Lack of any evidence is evidence of non existence in science after a bit of time. There are no little green men either, but there are blue men. Well, artificially anyway, (the blue man group).  There is no scientific evidence of the existence of any supernatural phenomena, there are some that we do not yet understand, and lots that I do not understand, but there is understanding by others.

So what is there about religion that we should respect and honor? Sure they teach ethics, but philosophy does a better job and it has logic's and reasoning as well. Christianity plagiarized from the Stoics. Islam is just insane, when we look at what he says, when compared with the Stoics, Buddhism, Confucianism, Tao, Hindi, and Positive Psychology's Seligman. So what does religion have to offer a person of science?

Anything they preach is wrong mostly. They do some good, they promote good social action, but for the wrong reasons. That is the sad part. They have nice structures, nice art, and promote music. They promote community, which is good. They promote belief in supernatural concepts which is bad, so on the whole, are they good or bad? They do not deserve tax concessions, nor any right to not be questioned. There organization does not stand the tests of science. Too bad, they were sometimes fun.

So what is wrong with hating people who cannot scientifically defend there belief system? Well we know that some of there beliefs are opposed with other belief systems, so somebody or all are wrong; they are mutually exclusive. There are those areas that do not matter, and there either is OK. There is likely many areas that this is the case, it just does not matter... especially in an over populated world.

There are also religions that are so idealistic that I cannot see how they could function in the world as it currently exists. Gandi like, and the total non-violence movement may have a future after humans evolve a bit more and get rid of criminals and terrorists.

In the future, the proper attitude will be one child per couple. Some of us have held to that or less now. That will come to be the standard until the population gets to a reasonable level again. Oh well. Shit happens. But what do I know?

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