Friday, May 6, 2016

How important is genre?

Genre? Is that even the right word for subject area, category, or what eve the descriptor for blog subjects? For example, I watch atheist blogs; but most of there stuff is LGBT, US politics, Gays, what ever, and a few atheist killed by Muslims. Very little interesting to me stuff. Oh well, they write what they like, for these are blogs with RSS feeds, like this one.

In the beginning, I set this blog up as a community effort to maintain a non-religious OA outlet, a local community communications channel. but interest faded, if it was there to start with. Oh well. It evolved, and has become my opinions about overeating recover, and related non-food related issues. I use for food related, and for other subjects. Does this separation matter? Does anybody care? Do I even care any more? I am doing this out of need for expression, not out of desire for others to read my scribbling. Oh well. Should I just run these all together or keep them separate? Does it matter?

The problem with atheist blogs is: once we have figured out the truth of no god and become atheist, then we need to figure out how to live good as an atheist. There are enough militant atheists spreading the message. I just feel pity for those believers who are ignorant of the non-existence of any god. I regret the wasted time spent trying to believe, and resent all those who tried to convince me over the year that there was/is a god. I pity there ignorance. If atheism is going to become a major player, it must get organized to provide all those things that religions now provide: communities, social order, social direction, social moral direction, emotional support, and similar. These have traditionally been provided by religion. Emotional support is likely the greatest of these; we have PTSD all over the place, and dispassionate reassurance, combined with discussion and moral direction that religions once provided is one solution for the problem.

Change at too rapid of pace causes stress similar to PTSD, ( Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.)  yet is not considered as ptsd, for there has been no trauma. This is what we, in modern life, must learn to deal with. I grew up as a kid, learning to work harness horses, run tractor and farm equipment, and the like. After school was work, until after grade 12 and then there were no jobs much around. The choice was to leave the area and go to where there were jobs... pick one city or elsewhere... pick an occupation... pick an direction... pick a bit of training and see what I can find after... pick an industry... and then watch that industry dry up and blow away... (thanks Trudeau 1)... retrain, re-specialize... and watch that economy change, boom, and dry up and blow away... and then go back to the first industry... only to have Trudeau 2 come to power... and once again is killed dead... but I retired instead. Change is the only constant.

Emotional support would have been nice, but, as I left religion, there is little community, and what there is is based on what other think we can do for them... mutual usury.  I am low social need, and too easily irradiated. It is more comfortable for me to avoid people than to be around them unless we all are doing something... and I do very little in groups... even shoot archery is a singular sport. 

Where am I going? Enough.

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