Thursday, May 26, 2016

How important are the conditions which were were raised?

I am the product of two long generations, my father was 48 when I was born, his father was 53 when he was born, his father was 37or 38 (unsure of the month of birth) when he was born. My father was raised as a slave to the land and family; when he was 13 he was "sold as a slave" to his oldest brother who he server for ten years. After he got out of the old country, he never spoke to that brother again, although he was within a few miles a number of times. Just a bit bitter.

That is the way he tried to raise me, but I knew that was not right; we were not in total isolation, but quite isolated. That had to have impacted me a great deal. I know that made me socially backward, and introverted. Oh well, I survived and left.

Did it also cause this eating disorder? Likely. It has been a problem since I was six years old more or less. Goal directed behaviors become encoded and become stimulus drive behaviors, which are especially difficult to overcome. That is the basic problem.

There is surprising little information about overcoming stimulus driven behaviors; securing expert or scientific/psychological information about them is also difficult. Exerting activity to overcome is equally as difficult. The best information is that these start out as goal directed behaviors and encode. becoming a deeply entrenched automatic habit, which is difficult to overcome.

Enough about the problem, what is the solution?

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