Friday, July 15, 2016

living at odds with our nature

Once I accept that an epigenetic switch has been thrown, and I am now an overeater; it is my nature to overeat; how do I come to live, first in a weight loss level of food intake, and secondly during the maintenance stage?  ERROR ERROR... Learn maintenance stage first, as it will be a lesser cut that weight loss stage. No, they are exactly the same. Eat as little as I can get by on.

Now there is a big assumption, that overeating is epigenetically encoded. In an earlier post  I put the case forward and went looking for solutions. What I found was a bunch of god pushers promoting religion as a solution, and it may be if one can learn to live that delusion and follow that delusion exactly. There is also a suggestion the developing a kind of OCD that insists on following a weighted and measured diet may also work. It is the rigid definition and following that is necessary. The definition is easy, the following also requires alternative activities, and that is the difficult part. We need activities that we can force ourselves to follow.

Overeating as a child or youth, regardless of the cause set the epigenetic switch. Eating as a relief for emotional stress, the like of food, food addiction, lack of food knowledge, lack of food choice, out of compulsion, what ever the cause, sets the switch, and as adult, searching for relief, there are no answers. I now understand the how and why, and also that the drive to overeat is part of me, and that is for life. The only solution is to not overeat, and deal with the urge, which is there for life as well. It has become part of my nature. Those who say the urge will go away are just talking through ignorance.

Rigid adherence to the plan, OCD like behavior is the only solution I have found. If you have any other, please advise.    

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