Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Developing specific OCD like behavior

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Developing specific OCD like behavior is a potential solution to epigenetically encoded overeating. The proof of concept is in the doing, but first I need to figure out how to develop in myself those specific behaviors necessary for recovery.

Rigidity, appropriate for offset of overeating, consistency, getting stuck on a specific and light diet may be the solution. It is the rigidity that becomes the essence of OCD, and that may be the key component needed for normalcy of weight. Intolerance of change, intolerance of uncertainty as to suitable food availability, may also be required. These are typical all issues of OCD. 

It it a learned behavior? "Some parents have reported that OCD symptoms occurred almost overnight, as if a switch were flipped; their child went to bed as the child they knew and woke up a stranger. " ( ... or a life decision made for unknown reasons. ... perhaps as the original conscious decision to overeat was made... or is it all just a firm decision... perhaps unconscious decision... made for unconscious reasons...of the reasons are forgotten or move to the unconscious or can all this be done consciously and with reason.... to self induce limited OCD.

Now that I have always had a touch of stubbornness as part of my personality, or is it just persistence... there is another characteristic that can be named negatively or positively and be the same thing... polish the apple or poison the well.    


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