Monday, June 27, 2016

Life after death

Life after death is a religious/fabulous concept that requires faith in a fabulous concept. Note that I use fabulous in the same scene as Thomas Paine did 250 year ago, to imply a factitious concept or if you prefer a fictions concept. Not real concept, but just a concept.

The closest we come to life after death is in the memory to those who life we have touched in a substantial way. We can also leave people with beliefs, resentments and behaviors they will need to recover from to become fully correct, true evidence based human. Although you may be remembered for these, it will not be in a good way.

The old Greeks thought that as long as you were remembered, you were not completely dead, as an approach to life after death. That is likely the best you can come to in reality.

Now that I have said that, perhaps I can move on to this issue of intentional overeating, where a we intended to overeat for some reason, and now that the reason is passed, we are left with the encoded behavior to deal with. It seems that this is the same as so over driven physical desire, and all we can do is forceful not eating. With Labrador Retrievers that have the overeating gene, all one can do is cut there food and control them by a shortage of food, feeding them only twice each day and a carrot or chew bar each day. To start, the food is generally cut in half. But can I do that to myself, and stick to that program?      

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