Wednesday, June 15, 2016

A Glenn Livingston Pig

"What is a Glenn Livingston Pig?" is the natural question, unless you have read Never Binge Again. This book defines what the problem is that I have had all my life and was unable to clearly name. I knew it was a encoded residual survival drive to overeat, likely as a result of some emotional, stress related or intentional reason to overeat in childhood becoming encoded. The book provides the name for the problem, and the only solution I have ever seen for treating this problem with a simple philosophy. To some, this philosophy may come automatically, but it did not to me.

This Pig is a natural survival instinct in overdrive. It resides in the automatic part of the brain, either primal or unconscious portion. The solution is to move the process into the conscious part of the brain, where the conscious part of us can deal with the problem, and to do this in a full time real time basis.

I have beaten food addiction. That was tough, as was the stress driven overeating, or emotional overeating. Those are eating as a result of feelings that are not hunger. Of course, I also need to learn a bit about food as well.

I grew up in a food rich environment, where there was no shortage of food...ever. Nothing else was in abundance, but there always was food and work. No money, just food and work. It is not clear to me if my overeating was intentional or emotional, but at a young age I became fixated on eating. That is for sure. Once I recovered from food addiction, and desired to stop overeating, the mental drive was locked in. Now what? How does one deprogram an encoded behavior? I liken it to turning a gay straight or a straight gay. Now Glenn Livingston has described a method.

Now does it work long term? Only time will tell. Now just listen to that Pig squeal.

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