Saturday, June 4, 2016

Free will... a chistian problem

Sam Harris has a video on the subject. But as I see it, this is a christian logic problem. We who have read the stoics recognize that free will could only apply to the things we have complete control over; that short list of ours, assent, desire, motivation to act, and after owning our beliefs, our own beliefs. Free will cannot apply to those things we have only influence over, and those things which we have no control over. Of those things we do have control over, it is only the available choices we need consider. So by all this, we have defined what we have free will over, as Sam Harris goes on for most of an hour.

On a related subject, vein diagrams of skills. We may need two skills or three skills to deal with a problem. Add to that that that a skill can be near automatic, aka learned as a child, or we may need to learn it. Those who learned it to the point of automation often make poor teachers. They are not able to explain the root principals that the older student does not understand, or have. That is likely the problem with teaching science and maths. The other problem is the student may need to unlearn wrong religious information first. Think evolution vs creation, myth vs facts. Oh well. Shit happens.  

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