Thursday, June 16, 2016

What gives our life meaning?

What gives our life meaning is one of those questions that is designed to look like a real question, but is really hollow. This is a skin of the onion questions. On the surface we are all chasing after some concept of what life should be; a delusion. This is the cause of stress in our life; the "chase" after some mystical concept. When we stop and look, the cause is really nearly empty, we are just treading water to keep afloat on this delusion. All we really have is the present moment.

Now my memory is getting much worse. I can sit down and figure our what I feel at this moment and walk across the room and not recall what it was that I was feeling or thinking. My short term working memory is just not there anymore. It never was good, but now it is just not there. This is weird to me. I need to write it down to recall it, yet my ability to recall word spelling is rather limited also, to only the most familiar of words.

Having studdied Stoicism as a general philosophy of life, the desires are gone, and the aversions are in order. Ethics are not a problem, for age has helped with that. There is little that drives me hard, other than commitments to maintenance of my own property's, and even those do not drive me like they did. I just do not care about much.

In the bigger picture, I recognize that we all are just opportunistic organisms whirling about on a big rock in space, so it does not matter much. There is no plan, no cosmic purpose, until we choose one.  The most important issue mankind faces is how to get along and not kill off those who offend us. Many of those who offend us simply do not believe as we do, and that is the foundation of their desire to kill off those who do not believe as they do. It is that simple. The foundation of society must be founded on truth and evidence; there is little else that can work that is not arbitrary. Until something is fixed and standards defined, little can be developed that could be accepted by all.

So what gives meaning to life? I am a truth seeking person. Reason holds power over story, yet. at the same time, my mind need story to operate. Cognitive dissonance what? Oh well, we all die in the end. We each have our own end.     

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