Sunday, October 16, 2016


Where do we go after we adopt Atheism? It is just one more invisible characteristic.  Some suggest Atheism Plus.

So what comes after we have inwardly digested that there is no god to believe in? Atheism has degrees, when we stop believing in a god is the first step, when we stop believing there is a god is a more true statement. Along with that is the removal of any afterlife, and that death is final. This creates urgency in life, if we want to leave anything behind, or is this just one more religions concept that we adopted from our collective neurosis?

Do we have a true desire to leave something behind, or is this just a societal/religion of our youth concept that we/I have not let go of?

Throughout life we collect concepts from our community and adopt some of those concepts as our own, without much serious thought. This is part of growing up in a society, we adopt some of that society's values. But is this part of our assumed religion of our society/culture? That is the central issue of what comes after atheism, what do we adopt as our values?

When we look around, much of the difficulty is caused be identify with a definable group that have one or two specific characteristics. Sex, sex preference, nationality, religion, language, skin color, philosophy, where we live, what we do are all things that can serve as a purpose to group together. This sets up a us-vs-them thinking and provides the basis of prejudice, separation, segregation. We are humans, and that must become the grouping for serious issues.

So as I see atheism, it is just one more way of creating divisions for sorting of people into groups. Now what else are we going to attach to atheism? Rational though? logical behavior? Emotional based behavior? Social Justice? Individualism? Franklian philosophy? Stoic philosophy? Confucian values? Social Engineering? Development of a god free society? A tax revolt? A political movement toward a "taxing the religious property's"?  Atheism is essentially a hypothesis that god's cannot exist in a natural world, and little more. How can something so simplistic be the foundation for movement? It could be necessary for a bigger cause, a new belief in something system like social science or social engineering.

But what do I know. Oh well, itewajda.   

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