Thursday, October 6, 2016

Finding our own "Tribe"

By "tribe" I mean a group of people who have similar views, beliefs, values.

In AA it is a group who do not drink, even though some were once heavy drinkers. It is often used a surrogate family, a social group, a sober environment, a safe environment where alcohol will not be pushed. It has a down side, the dark underbelly of the beast... a belief in a god hypothesis that, if you believe, you can use to level more pressure on ourselves to not drink.

Where do those who do not believe in a god hypothesis go for a tribe? We could start one more, or try to change one of the existing "alternatives". Those are all fixed in time. Alcoholism is not much like overeating. Even Sharma has come around Now where do we go from here, in addressing the many causes of overeating?

Many of us realize that overeating is partly a social issue. Some of us have no social skills, and as a result are not likable people. Oh well. Yet we have some social needs, but will not put up with sarcasm, or continual debasing of my beliefs by society. There is no god is the hypothesis that I subscribe to; ongoing religion has a more bullshit hypothesis. If there was a god, we would not have choices of evil, bad, therefore there is no god with power. I have the same power as god, none.

I tried the humanist group for a while. While there were some interesting people in the group, there were two who wanted to hi-jack the group for there own purposes, and get off topic to far to be of interest. I am not concerned with gays, US politics, or possible future genetic research. Police have a job to do, and to do and be successful, they must receive cooperation. They must think they are in-control of the situation. Government goons with guns will destroy life with immunity. Oh well, itewajda. 


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