Thursday, December 15, 2016

Exposing the Roots of Addiction

There is a lovely little book by Peter Michaelson that claims to expose the root of Addiction, and while it may expose some of the roots, it does not expose them all nor tell how to destroy the roots or plants very well. If exposure is sufficient to kill the root, than it is useful to expose those roots.

He does identify correctly that while AA/OA/NA are useful for treatment, the cause of the problem is still there, uncorrected. Exposure may be enough to stir our own responsibility for correction, and some of the common issues are aired enough to provide correction. Our secret attachments are toward those environment that we learned to live within, but are no longer suitable for life. We like to live in the familiar, for sure, so do we create the familiar over again, or is that all there really is, and we are forced back into the familiar because that is what there is?

Some of his unnecessary phrases, like a child, I find quite off-putting. Some of us were forced into a subservient positions because of control freak bosses, and subservient position was one of survival in the position. Unhealthy environments do not just exist in homes but in workplaces as well. What started in homes is often carried in business, especially in poor economies and by brutal tyrants such as Trump.   

So if I grew up largely unsupervised, ignored, but provided for physically, just one more body living in a busy farm, am I secretly seeking attention or avoiding attention by staying away from people to avoid harassment? School was a way to keep me out of the way, homework was a way to avoid work at home, but not completely. Oh well, I survived and left. I was not prepared for life in the City, but who would be. And then I got adjusted, life was shaping up, and the computer came along and the economy went for shit, and never really came back in my chosen industry. It had a few good years, intermittently, and in some areas. Just enough to keep hopes alive, but it never delivered on the promises. I kept on trying, for I judged it was easier to keep on then change to a different field.  Oh well.  

So back to exposing the roots of what may be an addiction.  

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