Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Why should I care if the truth offens you?

Cultural stories of creation are myths. So is the bible and the Quran. There is no real god, at best gods are just concepts or belief held by others. Any god is just a mental object. Why should I care if you find this offensive for this is the truth, the one and only truth, and if you find it offensive, that is your problem.

I have religion pushed at me frequently, and I push back now. It is only right.

I find political correctness offensive. You are trying to force your beliefs onto me, even when your beliefs are wrong. Do not expect compliance with political correctness.

Species is often defined as groups which do not naturally interbreed through location, preference, or habit. We humans are, by that definition, a group of species. As such, how can any government expect that different species will live together when the immigrants will not respect our traditions. Every time a immigrant with difficulty speaking English cuts a the line up at Tim Hortons, there are developing ill will. Every time they do something stupid in traffic, there is more ill will. In Red Neck Alberta, expect some immigrant to be shot soon. It is easier than lynching. Those who do not comply with the law get away with much already, "I did not know" goes the cry. Bull shit. I saw the same one get chewed out, and she did cut the like again the next day.

There is no self, or nonself in Buddha terms is true, correct, and real even if we belief in the illusion of there being a self. Our mind is just a mass of neurons with synapse. The self is, at best an image of self created by a bunch of neurons and synapse doing there thing. The whole brain and body is the self, but there is no self within the brain, just a convenient illusion, and a self created ego with "privileges" that expands with power and success, however we define power and success.

Muslims are impossible to not offend if we chose to try to talk to them, so I do not care. So when asked anything religions, I will tell them there is no god, so you can do as you like. End of.    

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