Friday, March 24, 2017

evidence based policy making

"evidence based policy making" in M 103 is something the Canadian government is short on. Look at the Canadian good food guide. Incomplete information, not evidence based. It does not deal with those of us who do better on LCHF.

M 103 can be found at

Religion is based on the lack of real evidence. There is no physical evidence that there is any god. That implies that any god that could be is just in the minds of the believers where concepts exist or there is no god. That is the real logical choices, that it, that's all folks. There is no real physical god. The documented superstition of the religions can be found in the books, the Bible, Quran, Vedas, Pali Cannon, Accolades, etc. Some are better than the others as literature, some have good bits and bad bits; some that should be followed, and much that should be ignored as bad advice.

Islam will not, in the Quran form, not allow piece with others. Other lesser forms ignore parts of the historical collection of myths and instructions, and are less violent. The solution is not only elimination of Islam, but the elimination of all religion for a truth based, atheist, rational thinking, logic based behavior. We can select our good beliefs based on whatever, or go through the books and pick what we would like.

The Muslims that I have known have all been a thin skinned bunch, who get offended an anything, who would like to be treated differently than we treat each other. They get offended in the lunch room of most businesses. They want to be special. They do not fit in with the present society of Canada, and need to be separated. The government can try, but it cannot acheive separation. Many business are separating them out by not hiring them. Oh well, any businesses main objective is to make money, and needs to control costs. I have said more about this here.

Elimination of all religion and install a uniform code of human conduct is the best solution.

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