Sunday, April 2, 2017

The WTF call

There are large groups of people who are being dis-advantaged by the wrong teaching by their parent.
How should we feel about this and what should be done?
Some are producing a high burden on the state. (natives)
Some are misleading others on science. (new age creationists)
Some are misleading others on environmental issues. (trump and his ilk)
Some on dealing with reality. (religion)
Some are a danger to society, and are misleading the young or reality. (Islams)

There are those who are opposed to the scientific method. There is no evidence for gods, nothing survives death, and religions are all pushed without reason. The only place left for god to hide is in the mind of the believer, and as a result religion is all just chain letter memes. Reality sucks but living in a dream state is also no way to live. It is the old " if it bothers you, just do not look." at deliberate misleading of people.  

Now does anyone have anything constructive to say about these problems we face?

So we are being mislead about food and chemicals in the foods issues. Glyphosate and the government will not even accept there is a problem. Ester 2-4-d and overeating destroying leptin receptors.

So should we get radical? or violent? or just loud?

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