Friday, April 7, 2017

Fighting an ideology

How does one battle an ideology? It is ideology that drives humans, doing what we believe to be right, so what if the ideology is just wrong?

It is wrong to indoctrinate people, youths, without allowing them to evaluate the concept fully. Muslims, Islams, Christians, Jews, are all wrong. So how does one fight ideology?

David Silverman has some ideas.
It will be to get in there face, and tell them they are wrong loud enough that they are willing to start to hear.

Religions are systems of hypothesis that has been superseded by reason, data, civilization, education, and knowledge. We know what is right, in the here and now, but we are still struggling to get all this information into a organized manual, for simple reference. There is just so much knowledge, and so much wrong in the ideology of the flat earth religions that we are trying to replace. It must be organized into some kind of system and documented into a logos for the lack of a better word.

Yet, once we understand the concepts, so much becomes self evident. Why has no one seen this before? Oh wait, they have, well at least parts. But no single individual has put it all together, in this time. Buddha plus the Stoics, minus a few pits, plus a bit here and there of this and that.       

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