Sunday, April 30, 2017

Developing our own Philosophy.

A post about life. "I do not know what I think until I say it." That is a quote in concept from some author, but I do not recall who, it is just the way it seams when I am required to answer some question.

I am trying for coach certification in archery, through the NCCP. One of the questions is what is my coaching philosophy? Well, to put words to that is a bit of examination:

I am a realist. Gods are all in the heads of others. I ignore this important issue in the archery club, however I often state it, when asked to coach on long weekends.  I am an atheists, so it is not like the day means anything special to me.

I emphasis the process, not the outcome. As recreational modern traditional archer, the scoring is not important, just the process of shooting. It is as the stoics say about shooting a arrow, once the hand is relaxed and the arrow off, all is beyond our control. Competency and comprehension are required, I like to teach the comprehension first.

Student enthusiasm and enjoyment are necessary for enduring participation in the sport, along with suitable equipment. Some outside muscular work, aka exercises, will be required, along with adequate proteins and fats for muscular development. 

I like instructing the adults, beyond the middle teens, that want to learn archery. If they are there for social reasons, are the chatty type, I stop making the effort to correct obvious bad methods or to do individual teaching. They are just spaces in the class. My method is to go through each step of the process in detail, and show the typical poor methods and better methods. For some bad form is the only way they can shoot, and bad form is better than not shooting. After safety is followed, the only wrong way to do archery is to not do it.

Yesterday, we coached a Muslim group, who needed to stop halfway through to pray.  I need a bit of tea anyway. I wanted to say it is all in your heads, but I figured that that would be just rude, but true. I think it is rude of them even to ask to take time off archery.  False information in their heads is their problem. Me, pointing it out would not help them nor me, it is just not my problem. It is like all those who suggest fat people should just go on a diet. Stay to the archery subject at hand, archery in this case.  There are many many issues in archery classes; inappropriate attire, those who will not put down purse, or electronics, those who do not want to be there, and those who do not have the mental capacity to pay attention. I mind my own business, and I make no effort to help those who are not helping themselves. 



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