Tuesday, May 2, 2017

As our knowledge of prehistory ravels


I am surprised, not that pre-Clovis existed, but that we found evidence that old. These peoples must have been Neanderthal or similar. That explains the high percentages of Neanderthal DNA found among the Native populations of the north west US, western Canada. So some where in prehistory, some group of Neanderthals wandered into the Americas, likely across the Bearing Straight. But wait, camels are North American, so flow was both ways, and camel bits are found in the arctic also.

The really surprising part is not that there was/is evidence, but that we found the evidence. That may mean that there was a civilization there, in San Diego area. 

There could not have been great quantities of peoples, but there must have been some wandering tribes to mix with the later peoples that came from various sources. Did those wandering groups see each others as enemies or as potential mates, sources of different technologies, as potential allies?

Was there relation ship similar to the other tribes part of Old Testament times; kill all the males,(well all the adult males at least) screw all the females, or take them as slaves, wives, etc.



There is no doubt that we human subspecies are self-centered, we try to increase our genes in our species. This is the true human nature. Doing what is natural is what brought up to this state of over-population. Soon something will need to be done to correct this over-population problem. One child solution anyone? Have one, father one, and be neutered. That will bring population into line in a few generations or so.

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