Friday, May 26, 2017


What is it about the mind that allows the mind to control the body some of the time, but not all the time?

What is it about the mind that allows the body to control the mind some of the time?

What is there in the mind that we always have control over? our opinions?

Well sort of  but at times, I just do not want to do anything or I just want to do nothing may be a more correct way of putting it, or I want to do something else, but other reason keeps me from doing it. Indecision. Lack of energy. Laziness. Lack of drive to chase after a goal or objective. Contemplation. Mental regurgitation. Lack of any good choices.

Why does our mind allow us to hold a obviously wrong view? Well, we need to update our views. We need to take the time to think thing through. We must remember what we know, and each time we learn something new, our entire view must be updated. It is like saving a freshly edited copy over the old one. Save vs Save As. As we learn, some things become obvious, after the fact. Some of our old ideas are just wrong. We need to Save over top of the old wrong, or tag the old wrong as wrong or crap.

We live physically by competence before comprehension, but think comprehension before competence. That is the root problem of obesity. We continue to eat as we did, all the while living in a slower metabolism body. We overeat, and obtain short term satiation, but to obtain satiation, we need more food than we physically need. Life is a bitch, and then we die.

We can stop desiring of some things. Why is it so difficult to stop desiring food?

Religion: why is it so difficult to correct the view of the believer?  They are not willing to learn and implement new knowledge it it requires deletion of existing beliefs.  It is similar to how much to eat. Is that why it is so difficult to get ourselves to change? We do not accept that some things are not food? Just like religion, some is just bullshit. Why is it so difficult to understand this? Why is it so difficult to see? Because we recognize the familiar and assume the familiar is right.

I saw a video of a Muslim trying to use geology to "prove" the existence of god. It just does not fly to a Geotech. In that moment I became aware of the solution, education to reality. But the earth can only sustain 3.5 billion people to keep Co2 stable, so the solution will come in the form of a superbug or the like. In the mean time, we must educate. And learn. But first I must train myself to not eat much.

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