Sunday, April 9, 2017

Conrad, Conrad, you are not listening to the science

How do we teach those who will not here? Conrad, the science is ahead of the curve by quite a bit. We do not have all the details yet, but we know that we have a lot of physical evidence, and we just do not yet know how it all got there yet. The thing about physical evidence is it is real, but we have not yet figured out how it got there. We have not yet figured out the modern hypothesis that explains the evidence, but we have figured out that your historical/cultural hypothesis and not the answer, and it is time to move on, based on what we know, and the modern hypothesis that explain part of the evidence. We know the last big bang happened ~13.8 X 109 years ago.

We know that evolution happened, but not yet if life started here or was seeded from elsewhere. We do know that simple non-carbon life can be started under certain conditions, but those conditions need to be maintained for those life forms to carry on. We just have not yet found the carbon based starting conditions, but then nobody is willing to pay for the study in a big and sustained way. Without the money, and the commitment over time to a adequate supply of money, we are not likely to find a new form of carbon life, and then there is the risk of a new form of virus...

So we do not need to know how before we can say the old historical/cultural hypothesis is just wrong. As soon as we start to think hypothesis, and scientific method, we begin to see illogical thought of any religion. Soon we realize we can just abandon all religions. They are just historical hypothesis.

Now we need to realize the religion is largely about control of people, by making them believe some foolishness at an early age, and also teaching them to not question. This is immoral way of trapping people into a thought system, immoral imprisonment. Of course this has been handed down, generation to generation, but some see through the system and break free. Then the unthinking try to use emotions to drive us back into the stye we escaped from, where the malignant overloads would try to pen us for eternity. We have our own powers, and can deny them control of us. So Conrad, I do not care what you think, for you believe in a sky god and are trying to control people which is immoral. You are no better than a slave owner, or slave renter.

No one has the right to force us to believe anything. Islam cannot force us, even through threat to follow there rules, or there sky god. So draw Mohamed  (.^.) ⟲ or 😆  as often as you wish.  😆Mohamed😆  They may be offended because we will not follow there laws, but that is there problem. We can respect the person but not their beliefs. Some ideologies need to be stamped out and others can be allowed to just die off. Muslims may be fine people, but there ideology is dangerous. Somewhere between 10 and 30 percent have the potential to become terrorists, or so the research shows. One out of ten, or one out of three... young men ... can become weaponized, all because they are not rational but fall prey to emotional based bullshit, rather than understanding the physical evidence. 

It is science that must lead us forward from here into a sustainable way of life.   


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