Wednesday, April 12, 2017

No God Husserl

Edmund Husserl 1851-1938  One cannot separate the consciousness state from the objects of that state.

WTF. So if you think there are ghosts, then, for you, there are ghosts... If you think there are gods, then, for you, there are gods. So gods are all in the mind of the believer, ok but Husserl never said that, he never spoke of gods, but he lived in pre-war Germany.

Religion and god is all in the mind of the believer. End of story. So why do so many people have difficulty in seeing this? Well we were taught wrong, and we do not like to look at our beliefs, likely because of fear of finding that our beliefs are wrong.

We humans are born a blank slate, and everything is learned, some is created along the way. We learn on the genetic substrata, some parts are learned easily, other parts we need to struggle with. Nobody teaches that we should review what we believe, what we were taught to believe, and own our own beliefs. Buddha and Confucius were more right than Christians. Buddhist, other than reincarnation and extreme emphasis on mediation is about right. One should know how to mediate some, but education is more important. Education that starts at `First Principles` and builds from there is critical for thinking, for separating opinion from first principals.

Opinion can be right or wrong, and there is nothing that can separate quicker than an opinion that violates a first principal. A sound fist principal is there is nothing supernatural, for if it is, it is not supernatural. Miracles as long on the odds of happening occurrences.  If they need to violate nature to occur, then it is more likely it is bullshit than real.

Enough already.    

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