Monday, April 10, 2017

Really... not so much

So you are forgetting that government does what is best for that government, not for the people. Every sucking company does the same. Look at any bank, phone, utility company, any level of government, all do what is best for them, customers, damn customers just suffer. We just had the United Airlines beating a 68 year old passenger to force him off a seat he had paid for, to get where he was going on time, because the airline had overbooked, and needed to move one of it's crews.

So what is there to trust. Trust government to abuse the people. They will abuse some.

There are too many people in this world now. The world is overpopulated. Those who are not able to haul their weight will be abused. There are many who just are not able to hold a job, not enough energy, not enough skills, not enough personality, too much honesty, not able to concentrate.

Without thieves, the insurance industry would not be able to sell thief insurance.  Oh well. Jails are to abuse the people who cannot function in our society. Rehabilitation is a concept, and like gods, it does not exist except in the mind of those who find it useful to believe.

Government can be trusted... to tax, burden and abuse the citizens. That is the role of government, and to cause the cast to flow into the pockets of the rich. The rich always get a taste.

If the US wanted to send a message and end the war, they would target Assad. Oh Golly, we hit the head civilian, so sorry, it was not intentional.

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