Sunday, July 23, 2017

having lived through

Eating disorders are not fun. We are driven to eat by ourselves, against what we know to be good for ourselves, and are unable to stop the behavior. We have a split person, the body driving us to eat, and the mind knowing we must stop; the body always wins long term. So is there any solution? Well we need to stop the overeating, but the body is not stopping.

So the solution is letting go of the desire to eat, and stopping... and living with the desire... that does not stop... living with that nagging gnawing hunger that food takes away and provides relief from... for a while... and the medical community knows about but can provide no treatment beyond body mutilation.... that typically does not last anyway. From my years around programs, I must know thirty people who had various forms of gut mutilation and none of them were successful long term. That suggests that none of the problems were solved... the wrong problem was addressed... the eating disorder is in the head likely... so what is the solution to changing such desires... it is now my opinion that nobody knows... or is offering any evidence of a solution beyond hyper-vigilance and self forcing, self control against the body doing... eating.

Now those without eating disorders do not understand the feeling likely. It might be something like the gays feel, being drawn to an action with is not what most would classify as not normal, yet are drawn to it. A parallel could be drawn. Is it the same misappropriation of desires? But with the food, acting on results in obesity. So this is really the question, how does one recover? Just stop overeating... well obviously... but can a gay just stop the behavior... or a religious just stop believing the idiocy...


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