Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Tarman's Separation

Vera Tarman of Food Junkies has put together part of the solution. Separation of food addiction and compulsive overeating. Food addiction is, as it sounds pure addiction to a food, usually sugar and white wheat flour, which raises blood sugar faster than pure sugar. Treatment is complete abstinence of sugar in all forms, and after several months, some relief in the desire is obtained.

Sugar, and wheat products stop being food, stop being even considered to be eatable. The problem dissipates.

Compulsive overeating is a different kettle of fish, and some of us have both issues. Food addiction must be the first to be addressed with a low carb diet.

Now on to compulsive eating. It is a learned behavior, and can be unlearned, with difficulty. It is often the result of using food to deal with all problems, emotions, feelings, anxiety, boredom, lack of interest in anything, free time, anything. Now we must learn to deal with all these things, from our native culture food pushing, to deal with nasty parents, abuse, and all the above list. When we learn to deal with those issues, we have an alternative method of cooping and should not need to eat over the issue, well in theory at least.

So no we need to recognize that we use food before the feeling, or emotion has even fully formed, we are eating and the issue has gone away. We need to stop eating and allow the feeling to develop; and deal with the cause of the feeling. Boredom and uninterested are the two big ones for me today, I just do not care about anything or anyone. That is dangerous. Being in continual low joint pain, and generally tired but not sleepy is also dangerous situation. Not wanting to socialize is also bad, but as I was religiously abuse in my youth, very low social need was the result.

Now add this to always being physically hungry, for some unknown reason, and you may start to understand the problem.     

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