Thursday, August 10, 2017

So now that we know the cause

So now that we know the cause, does this lead to a solution beyond just stop doing it?

Last time we learned to separate food addition from compulsive eating. These have different causes, and food addiction treatment is stopping eating all of specific foods, like sugar, wheat, starches, and for some dairy products. So what is the symptoms of too few carbohydrates? Thick mucus is one problem. Beyond that, we may become ketonic, and bad body ordur, specific sweating body order is a problem, for those who are sensitive to that ordur. Oh well, what I smell like is other peoples problem.

Now on to the less well defined compulsive eating, a trained in reaction to stress, boredom, indecision, no reasonable solution conditions, living with a nasty person, a bad environment, or what ever. We need to learn other ways to deal with the situation, and also our reaction, for the reaction will continue after the situation has been resolved, if it can be resolved. There is also the other condition, the situation goes on unresolved, for there is no solution, and we need to learn to live with it. That is all fine and good, but when there is no solution, can we learn to live with the problem and not eat?

So consider when we live with a religious person and we know there is no god. You say there is, so put one piece of legally admissible piece of evidence on the discussion table... Of course, they cannot, for at best god is a concept, and if you believe that concept, then he is real to you, and the effect is real to you. It is that simple. So how does one break the delusion of others? And when they a busy pushing there falsehoods and those around them, nonstop. Do you suppose that could ingrain a few bad thinking processes in the mind?  

There is no solution beyond physical separation, mental separation, completely.  

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