Saturday, October 7, 2017

Stacked Switch Issue

Stacked switches are a series of controls that provide a if/or/not structure to a machine. We have the same problem in philosophy, logic and religions. We are answering different problems.

God does or does not exist. That is a simple switch. If god does not exist, all religion is just mute, redundant, or noise. If god does exist, than religion is whatever it is.

God existing or not is independent of the existence of the belief that god exists, or not. There is no evidence of existence of a god but lots of evidence of a belief that god exists.

Until religion understands this issue it will remain irrelevant going forward.

The believers are just have a wrong concept, just like germ theory was right and revolutionized medicine and life, atheism will revolutionize life in general, morality will be logic based, and there will be only logical control of others concepts. The "control of others behaviors" will need to be formalized in a clear document. That will be quite a job, but oh well.

The earth is over populated if we consider stable Co2 level as an indication.

The only solution available is to keep warring factions apart.       

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