Saturday, November 18, 2017

Comments to other blogs.

Why do I comment, they are not posed; therefore likely not read anyway. So I will post them here
Vegetarianism is a no win in northern climates. The land and/or climate is just not suitable for growing many foods, and many cannot be kept for 8 months, until the next food is available. It is just illogical to think that will work, just as illogical as sustained economic growth. Also there all those of us who have become glucose intolerant, and need to limit our glucose intake.

Sustained growth is not practical long term, as the world in now over full, but it was until now. We as a species/population need to make some big changes. Oh well, it is not likely to happen, until it is too late. There will be a mass die off and then the earth can recover.

Nuts, just nuts

With overpopulation, a few lives just do not matter. Gays and abortion are just irrelevant to sustaining reducing populations. No, not irrelevant, necessary or suggested methods of reducing population growth to a negative number.

Promoting atheism, reason, and an ethical, secular state; Atheist Ireland launches a children's book.

Hey, thanks for reading. The Boy Scouts of America prohibit atheists or agnostics from joining their organization. 
Don’t buy your holiday/Xmas/Yule tree from them. Don’t finance hate! 

OK, like an atheist is going to buy a christmas tree. OK.

JW hid child abusers


Yeh OK.

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